Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles

Charles Wysocki is a great american painter/ artist he was born is a small town in Michigan. Charles Wysocki’s work didn’t gain much popularity till after he got back from his two year military service in Germany. Charles Wysocki got married in the 1960’s and soon after started his own company making Jigsaw Puzzle. Charles Wysocki’s has been extremely well known for his Americana puzzles from the fourth of July to classic American farm houses and almost everything in between. Nobody besides Charles Wysocki has been able to put so much classic Americana into Jigsaw Puzzles. Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles are a must have for spending quality family time together. Nothing will give you a greater sense of accomplishment then finishing one of Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles. The only thing to decide isn’t whether or not you are gonna buy one of Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzles it’s who will put the last piece in. His puzzle are such a work of art the only reason to take it apart will be to put it back together again. Although Charles Wysocki might be missing the apple pie puzzle  he’s got everything else

  Charles Wysocki's classic americana jigsaw puzzle fourth of July parade with an american flag



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