1000 Piece Puzzles

1000 Piece Puzzles

Finding the right size puzzle that you enjoy the most will help you find your way through all of the available puzzles.

For the normal to advanced puzzler, the 1000 piece puzzles seems to be the most popular. It is large enough to be tough and a real challenge, and yet not overwhelming like those with 3,000 or some of the extreme puzzles with 18,000 or more.

Finding The Right Surface For Building 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Find the right surface to work on while building your jigsaw puzzle. You need to have a few of the most important factors down pat.

1. The Right 1000 Piece Puzzles Lighting
The right lighting will help eliminate unneeded strain on your eyes and fatigue that will interupt your puzzling time or needlessly cut it short. You can also find a great magnifying glass lamp that will be invaluable!

2. The Right 1000 Piece Puzzles Working Height
Working 1000 Piece Puzzles on a table or surface that is the right height will save your back, your knees and legs. Nothing is more painful than bending over a surface for hours at a time and then later trying to stand up and up realizing how much you hurt.

World’s Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table
3. The Right Storage / Available Space for 1000 Piece Puzzles
You don’t want to keep getting interrupted while working on your 1000 Piece Puzzles and have to either move it or start over again. You want to find some solution so that you can enjoy your puzzling and not encounter the space problem again and again. Here is one storage idea that you can use:

4. The Right 1000 Piece Puzzles Seating
Comfortable seating is mandatory while doing puzzles. Many people will sit on their leg and find circulation getting cut off. Or they will have to keep adjusting and struggling to find a good working position. have an adjustable seat that you can swivel while working may be perfect. Combine this with #2 the right working height.


1000 Piece Puzzles are fun and not to big too tackle alone and also not too small to tackle with a friend or 2.